Street Style Round-up LFW A/W 2015

By September 17, 2014 Fashion

We absolutely love looking at street style. Both Tasha and I spend a LOT of time (maybe too much!) pouring over blogs, websites and style inspiration sources for looks we love. I think now we are getting older we both have a relaxed chic and comfortably tailored style we love and strangely our tastes are very similar! But, we still continue searching for new style inspiration and this weekend LFW did not disappoint.

LFW provided us with a fab lookbook of eclectic, edgy but relaxed and ultra feminine styles, for us it was a inspirational feast. Olivia Palermo rocked it by combining key pieces with her own take on a trend and there was a sea of fabulous coats (camel coats and trenches which I love!), boots, denim,leather and mixed fabric combinations and colours.

Here’s my round-up of my favourite street style looks from LFW AW2015. Enjoy!

Sources: Vogue , Elle , Red , Cosmopolitan 

Zorannah Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_320x480 umeromaan_article_banner_img threadsstyling_article_banner_img streetstyle-lfw35-Vogue-15Sept14-jessie-bush_b_646x430 streetstyle-lfw25-Vogue-15Sept14-jessie-bush_b_646x430Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639 redlipsandseedymenfashionblog_article_banner_img Poppy Delevingne Vogue-15Sept14-Dvora_b_320x480Peggy Gould 1 Vogue-15Sept14-Dvora_b_320x480 london-str-a-rs15-8220-imaxtree__large london-str-a-rs15-6783__large london-str-a-rs15-6696__large london-str-a-rs15-6644__large london-str-a-rs15-6005__large london-str-a-rs15-5786__largelondon-str-a-rs15-5457__large LFW-streetstyle-Vogue-16Sept14-79--jessie-bush_b_646x430Kira Savchenko Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_320x480 img_4786 img_4711 Golestaneh 2 Vogue 16Sept14 Dvora_b_320x480 emmahill_article_banner_img danielle Atosa Nikkhah 2 Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_320x480 asos_megan_article_banner_img Anouk Bos Vogue-15Sept14-Dvora_b_320x480 andreea_bogdan_article_banner_imgAmber Le Bon Vogue-15Sept14-Dvora_b_320x480 1393013248-girl9-ldn-day5-030__large 1393013122-girl2-ldn-day5-008__large 1393013097-girl4-ldn-day5-013__large 1392726276-girl7-ldn-day4-020__large 1392725924-girl5-ldn-day4-014__large 1392725870-girl3-ldn-day4-008__large 1392654474-girl11-ldn-day3-047__large1392565812-girl5-ldn-day2-017__large 1392459929-girl4__large 1392459903-girl1jpg__large




‘Because I’m worth it…’ An Avant Garde Salon visit makes me smile!

By September 12, 2014 Fashion

Ok, so as a rule I’m extremely picky about my hair and who cuts it. As a child and coming from Sheffield originally, my mum, used to drive me all the way to Sheffield for a haircut with the lady that had cut hers for years. That and a terrible bowl cut incident when I was about 4 (My mum was sick of me crying each time she combed (yes combed!!!) my waist length hair!) make me a nervous client.

But every now and again I get the urge for something different. Cue the 90’s, Posh Spice cut her hair into a sassy crop, I cut mine. At first I loved it but surprise surprise got bored of the elfin style and wanted to grow it. It took years! I then had it long up until about 4 years ago when after a disastrous ombre die, resulting in horrible split ends I was advised it would ‘do my hair good’ to cut it off. Now, my hair is the length I love and after a holiday it was in desperate need of some TLC.

2014-05-16 10.36.25

I do have a regular salon in Worcester but was swayed to try the city centre flagship Avant Garde salon as from the outside it gives off that premium and stylish vibe and I always like to try something new. When I popped in the girls working there were so lovely and all the worries I had about someone new cutting my hair quickly vanished.


Thanks to the fabulous Ashleigh I was whisked into the open, bright and airy salon and made to feel comfortable straight away. After my ‘just literally take a mm off the end of my hair’ conversation, Ashleigh listened patiently, knew what I wanted and also made a few suggestions which I went for.


Now this is the truly awesome bit. When I sat in the chair to get my hair washed, my legs were bought up so I was almost lying down. I was then given the remote control for the massage chair I was lying in. Honestly, it was heaven. I love getting my hair washed but this took it to a whole other level!

My hair is dark but I do have blonde on the ends of my hair. After chatting (there was a lot of this which I loved!) with Ashleigh whilst she was washing my hair, she popped a toner on it to bring it closer to my natural colour. I was sooo happy about this as (surprise surprise I was getting bored of my hair!)


I was talked through the various Wella and Keratase products that were used on washing and preparing my hair for drying but there wasn’t a hard sell to buy them which I liked and my blow dry was the best one I’ve had in a while. I caused chaos by having the toner put on my hair at the last minute and as Ashleigh had another customer due any second I was handed to a couple of the other stylists to have my hair dried. Honestly, that transition was seamless and all of them were lovely!


2014-09-03 14.56.15

So, Avant Garde officially has themselves a new customer as the cut, colour, drying and whole experience of the salon was great. I loved the salon and the atmosphere and despite it being quite open, bright and airy its designed in a way where you aren’t on show to the public walking by and it feels quite cosy.

I definitely recommend you trying them if you are in Worcester. They do have two salons so please check out their website here


As Evening comes in Ibiza Town

By August 16, 2014 Blog, Fashion, Travel
Standing by door Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is one of the most picture perfect small Spanish Towns that you will find and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its one of my favourite places to visit as for me its a perfect mix of old world meets new.

On my last night I took this set of photos in which I tried to capture the ambiance of it. In the early evening theres a buzz of excitement in the air which grows as it gets darker.

The style is very much lux hippy. Think luxury fabrics, silk, sequins & lots of jewellery. Messy hair & cool summer hats. Which you can see in some if crowd shots.




As evening turns into night the camera goes away…..

Fancy Pants – Style from the 1920’s to 1945.

By August 14, 2014 Blog, Fashion, Lifestyle

One more quick post before I jet off to sunnier climes! Last weekend I visited Worcester Museum & Art Gallery to see their Fancy Pants exhibition. The exhibition is a celebration of style spanning from the 1920’s right through to 1945. It’s honestly worth a visit, if only to have a go with the ‘dress up box’…


It’s also a reminder that everything we wear today is inspired or takes influence from this catchment of time. I walked around the gorgeous pieces of clothing thinking to myself  ‘id wear that now’ or ‘I used to have something like that’.


I’m totally in love with the 20’s, I love a bit of embellishment, so to see the beautifully embellished and decadent flapper dresses was a highlight for me.










If you are in Worcester you absolutely MUST pop and see this exhibition. It’s an extremely well curated collection, as I understand it the clothing is all donated to the Worcestershire Museum collection, so they have real memories attached to them. Plus the clothes are on show for the first time which makes it even more magical.





The exhibition runs from now until the 13th September. More info can be found on their blog; Please visit the museums website for more details.

Thanks all xx


Be a Naturalista, use Tropic natural skincare.

By August 14, 2014 Fashion, Lifestyle

I’ve been getting ready to write this blog post for a while and imagine my delight when reading Grazia this week I came across an article all about the new ‘natural’ health, beauty and skincare scene – Rise of the Naturalista

I’ve become very conscious about what I put in my body due to a little period of ill health towards the end of last year. Because of this I’m much more open to natural skin care products. I’ve found that the market place now offers chemical free tans, skincare and makeup. It seems I’m not the only one taking care of what in put in and on my body these days!

I’m sure this is down to the ‘Gwyneth effect’. Women are coveting that lean body, young dewy skin and ‘from the inside’ glow. According to research group Kline & Company, the annual growth for the natural personal care sector has increased by 10.3% over the last 3 years. Also holistic fitness like yoga and pilates is now back ‘in’ and I for one am currently embarking on a weight training regime as I covet a toned and lean body just like Elle McPherson!



This leads me onto a fab new range of natural skin care and make-up I’ve been introduced to; Tropic. The ingredients they use are natural and  vegan. Camomile, almond, various teas, avacado, arnica and a whole family of natural oil moisturisers, invigorating extracts and essential oils make up their products. The lovely Ness from Tropic who is a Senior Ambassador of the company, sent me a couple of products to try so I can see how powerful using 100% natural skin care is.

I’m currently using the Smoothing Cleanser which banishes ALL  make-up (my mascara simply wiped off!) and any impurities. It also has a nifty bamboo cloth which can be used to wipe off the cleanser giving that extra ‘buff’ off all the dead skin cells. I can honestly say that my skin is soft and feels extremely clean and it feels cleaner than when I use my Clinique face wash which I’ve used religiously for years! The hero ingredients enable the cleanser to deeply clean, aid in skin regeneration, boost vitality, deeply hydrate and reduce puffiness. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it??


Now they say the ‘brow maketh the face’ (I might have tweaked that a little!?) and that a perfectly defined brow is a must have. We all envy Miss Delavigne and her brows and I know both Tasha and I have been through a brow growing phase as we wanted ours to be thicker. Well, the lovely Ness from Tropic Skincare sent me the Brow Kit to try.


I havent been using the stencils, just the brushes but, my goodness, my brows are amazing AND it stays on ALL day! Its so easy to use and the results are fab! I’m off on my hols in a few days and both the brow kit and cleanser are coming with me as I LOVE using them.


Ness can be contacted directly if you’d like to find out more about the large range of products Tropic has. I’ll be trying the mineral make-up when I’m back from holiday. You can also buy the cleanser and brow kit along with many other fab products here.

Please also follow Ness on Twitter and Facebook to find out more about her story.

Thanks for reading xx


I’m a convert – 100% natural from The Blue Lemon

By August 7, 2014 Blog, Lifestyle, Travel

I know I’ve already blogged about The Blue Lemon but I have to share more about them. I am so impressed with their product range and sweet smelling soaps that I now own at least 5 of their products which I use religiously.

I’ve already mentioned that are 100% natural, no animal fat only vegan based ingredients and believe me, it’s amazing what you can do with shea, avocado and coconut!






I was invited to visit Jenny and Jorg at their ‘kitchen’ in Hatton Country World, to see just how they made ALL (yes every single one!) of their products. It’s a cute little set up attached to the back of their shop, almost like what you get in a restaurant or cafe ; stainless steel surfaces, sink, shelves stocked with ingredients and pots and pans. This is fitting as Jorge (one of the owners) used to be a chef so is well accustomed with creating his own recipes and bringing his creations to life!


Whilst I was there, Jorg was making some face wash. Lye, coconut oil and olive oil were expertly mixed together to form the base. Essentials oils are then added to suit the product it will end up being. It’s all tested (on humans!) and the very first product Jorg made was around 5 years ago. Being a chef he had developed sensitive skin and certain ingredients irritated this, he thought he’d give making his own soap a go and The Blue Lemon has grown organically from that.



Jenny and Jorg have a product range spanning soap and bath bombs to gentlemen’s shaving balm (which my hubby uses and loves!) to face scrubs and clay face masks to creams and potions for your entire body.

Jenny gave me a sample of the clay face mask to try. This is genius, its actual ground down clay particles (three different types for different skin) which you mix with an essential oil based water to form a paste. You paint it on with a nifty paint brush, holding your hair back with a lovely head band you receive as part of the pack, wait 10 minutes wash it off and it leaves you with THE most soft and clean feeling skin. I also had the night serum to try which as I understand is a bit of a cult product and sells out very quickly. I totally understand why! After a week of continuous use my skin has never been so bright and clear. I was chatting to a lady about The Blue Lemon the other day and she declared that she also used the night serum!




Watch this space as these guys are going to big! Natural ingredients, expertly combined together = perfectly soft smooth skin whether it be your face, feet, body or hands.



Please check out their shops at Jinney Ring and Hatton Country World. Their products can also be bought via their website. But get behind me in the queue for the serum…




The Blue Lemon – au natural products.

By July 17, 2014 Fashion

I popped to the Jinney Ring Centre over in Hanbury a few weeks ago and stumbled across The Blue Lemon. Well, it was actually the smell and the amazingly coloured soaps that drew me in! If you imagine the smells you get from the high street brand Lush, but with more of a true smelling, natural fragrance and a lot brighter and prettier!.


On chatting to Lucy, the Store Manager,  I learnt that all the skin and body care products they stock are handmade exclusively by the team from totally natural ingredients only. They have a kitchen over in Hatton Shopping Village where the products are made.

I walked away with a bag of bath bombs (which smelt amazing by the way and turned my bath water pink which I loved!) and the hubby and his cousin both bought hand creams. Oh, there is something for everyone! trust me!

Lucy, was very generous and sent me this lovely gift pack of products to try. Inside the pack was a;  Tea Tree Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash, Geranium & Lavender Hand Cream and a Peppermint Foot Balm.




I’ll be writing again in a few weeks to tell you about the results. I’ve already started using the peppermint foot cream every night before bed and the geranium and lavender hand cream sits on my desk and both are working wonders!

Thanks to Lucy at The Blue Lemon. I’ll see you soon for a kitchen tour!

For more info on The Blue Lemon and to buy their products, visit


Livto – love, live, dream, be.

By June 26, 2014 Blog, Fashion, Lifestyle

I love layering up as many bracelets as possible, I love changing and matching them to what I’m wearing and I LOVE it when I find a new exclusive designer to add to my collection of wrist candy.

A while back Tasha and I met Kate and Gemma at an event and instantly fell in love with their unique, handmade (locally I might add!) jewellery. With a collection of bracelets which range from beaded to leather, woven to silver bangles there is something for everyone or, like me, you will want everything they lovingly produce! They also have a great brand, based on positive, affirming messages all based around Livto; love, live, dream and be.



Each piece you buy comes with a hand stamped silver coin, you pick the message which is hand stamped onto the coin and then attached to your bracelet of choice. The idea being that the coin travels with you wherever you go. I chose ‘the best is yet to come’ as that matches how I feel right now. It’s great to have something like that to make you feel positive and I have to admit that I’ve barely taken it off since I got it!

I was spoilt for choice…








The ladies are currently exhibiting their amazing collection at Touchwood shopping centre in Solihull in the Mill Lane Arcade. They are only there for a few more days so please do pop and see them! You cant miss their bright engaging stand and I guarantee you will find it hard to walk away empty handed…




Please also check out their website, as well as being able to buy their great pieces online you can also learn more about the Livto ladies and their unique product. The two have been friends from day dot and I think this reflects on how much they have achieved in just over a year of trading!. The ladies also have a workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. If you are ever passing by, drop in and say hi.

I’ll be seeing them again very soon to put my order in for one of their double layer gold coin necklaces…

Lily Gins – A gem in Cheltenham

By May 19, 2014 Blog, Food & Drink, Lifestyle

I love a cocktail (well usually more than one)…and I really enjoy trying new drinks or at the very least contemporary twists on an old classic.

Back in the spring(sorry for the delay in posting this!) I was invited to the launch night of Lily Gins, a fab little cocktail bar in the Montpellier region of Cheltenham. Tucked away, up a few stairs from street level and through a discrete doorway the cocktail bar is truly a hidden gem.

The bar itself is themed as an old Victorian bordello bar. Decadence and eccentricity is brought to life through the rich decor, chandeliers and fabrics used throughout the venue. The unique backdrop means there are enough nooks and cranny’s to have an intimate few drinks or be part of the chic crowd at the bar. The staff are experienced, friendly and truly talented  in their cocktail making. The cocktail menu is extensive (wine and spirits too) and the Victorian theme runs throughout the menu by cleverly named drinks and ‘olde worldy’ chatter introducing the various drink themes.



I had a great chat with Josh Brentnall, Managing Director when we arrived and he explained that a lot of their cocktails used unusual ingredients such as lavender, elderflower and celery. I’d never had a drink expertly made using these ingredients before so I was desperate to try something with them in. He recommended the Twinkle which is prosecco, vodka and elderflower based and the perfectly crafted together drink was amazing!  My hubby had the Lily Gins take on a Hendricks Old Fashioned; the gin based cocktail used celery bitters and had a hint of lavender. It was delicious even though I’m not a gin drinker.



If you ever head to the city for the day or a weekend, drop into Lily Gins. It’s got a feel of a unique London bar, one which prides itself on being unique and innovative. Its well worth a visit and the experience is one you won’t forget.  I’ve heard the venue is now also doing food so we will be popping back to Cheltenham soon to try it out.


Lily Gins can be found at: 2a Regents Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1HR – 07725 224 467














The search for the perfect Summer handbag

By May 19, 2014 Blog, Fashion
Micheal Kors 2

I like to try and treat myself to one good handbag per year and this year as it turns to summer I’ve been feeling the need for a good summer handbag. So this saturday I took myself off to my favourite accessories boutique in Leicester to do a little research.

Leicester Ladies, if you don’t already visit La Maison de Sacs regularly..You Should!   In this small but perfect shop is the largest selection of designer bags I have seen outside of London. Making it the perfect place to start my hunt for THE perfect summer bag.

I haven’t made a decision on which bag to purchase yet, but I did take some photos of to share with you while I make up mind…










And these are just a few of the beautiful things that I saw….Now you can see why I can’t make a decision?!

Do I go bright or do I stick to neutral?   Shall I go for the eye catching Michael Kors, a uber cool Alexander-Wang, a studious Kate Sheridan or the understated DKNY?

And then there’s these clutches and shoes…







Roll on Pay Day.

You can fine La Maison De Sacs at 38 Francis St, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2BD.  They don’t open early on a Saturday, so it’s best to head down for lunch time. If you have any queries Maz is always helpful via email